What’s the Flyboy platform?

Flyboy connects the pilots having empty places and wanting to share the costs with passengers wanting to fly the same routes.

Where to fly?

You can fly anywhere! The good news is that only in Hungary, there are more than 100 operating airfields. However, this activity can only be continued by private pilots with small aircrafts; the advantage is the shorter distance ignored by national or international airlines.

How can I join the Flyboy community?

Register for free and join the pilots’ community.

How can I find passengers wanting to fly the same route as myself?

Having created your account and confirmed by Flyboy, you’ll will be allowed to publish an announcement visible for the passengers. The search engine of Flyboy enables the passengers to find the locations of departure/ arrival and the date of the flight required. In addition, the pilot’s profile shows the place where the passengers may contact you through a Flyboy letter. Finally, a “flight request” option is available to the passengers as well. Then, you can contact the passengers having sent flight requests through the Flyboy mail.

Must I accept the passengers’ request for reservation compulsorily?

No, you are the only commander on board, you can accept or refuse passengers arbitrarily.

Is Flyboy taxi a competitor among the traditional airlines?

No, the flight with common burdens does not equal to the normal public transport.

May a private pilot share his/her costs with the passengers?

Yes, since January 2014, this act is harmonised by the decree 379/2014 / EK for Europe:
“Deviating from paragraphs (1) and (6) of Article 5, the following, not complex vehicles can be operated according to Annex VII: a) shared-cost flights operated by private persons on the condition that the direct costs will be shared among all passengers of the flight including the pilot and the number of passengers sharing the direct costs does not exceed six.

Furthermore, EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) has published a study stating the pilot and passenger codex for this activity. (To be found in a separate menu item)

How to calculate the shared-cost?

The calculation of the local price takes place as follows: flight costs divided by the number of seats (including the pilot) available in the aircraft (max. 6 persons).

The price/passenger rate must be independent of the real number of passengers.

Local fix price was chosen. In fact, this is what simplifies the Flyboy -search for the passengers. This is the method maximising the chance of finding passengers who will feel that they pay for a seat (as for the railway!).

For example: in case of a flight, where the estimated costs amount to HUF 40 000.- and if 3 passengers are needed, the price of one seat shall be maximum HUF 10 000.-. If only one passenger reserves seat, the price must not exceed HUF 10 000.- and the extra charges shall be born by the pilot.

Another important point is that the price specified in the advertisement is based on estimation of the flight costs.
Following the flight, knowing the exact expenses, if they deviate from the estimation, the share of the passengers shall be corrected. But the fees to be paid by the passenger may not exceed the ones published in the advertisement to avoid bad surprise.

According to the flight costs:

If you lease an aircraft: combined costs of the lease for the aircraft, fuel, landing and parking fees.

If you are an owner: Only the direct costs can be shared, i. e. combined costs of fuel, landing and parking.

May I interrupt a flight?

Yes, you are the commander on board, you may cancel or postpone flights for weather conditions or any other reasons. However, the passengers shall be informed as soon as possible.

May I refuse passengers to come aboard?

Yes, you are the commander on board, if you consider that a passenger endangers the safety of the flight or fails to obey your commands, you are authorised to accept or refuse him/her.

May the pilot request higher price than announced on Flyboy ’s website?

No! As a pilot, you have accepted the platform’s conditions with your registration, i. e. not to change the originally specified prices, if the costs exceed the calculated level. The pilot shall accurately estimate the costs involved. If the costs are lower than estimated, every passenger shall pay less.

Can I confirm that a passenger is a “good passenger”?

Yes, the cooperation system on the site enables every passenger having participated in the flight to express an opinion on a passenger or the pilot.