The operator of the platform is FlyBoy Hungary Ltd.


Goal of the Platform:

  • The legal use of Flyboy through the platform, in compliance with the EASA regulations
  • The private pilots (PPL) may fly a collective-cost airline (shared-cost flight), if this does involve profit. The decree on the European air-transport services 965/2012 on the shared airlines (6.4a. Article a), this practice can be done with every pilot.


Advantages of the shared-cost flights:

  • The announced flights will be accomplished with small and comfortable aircrafts (1 – 6 people)
  • They use regional airports accessible with car in max. 20 minutes both for the departure and arrival points
  • It’s advantageous, if there in nor direct normal airline between two points
  • You needn’t arrive at the airport 2 – 3 hours before the flight
  • The travel time will be halved guaranteeing the same comfort and approximately identical costs the normal airlines can offer for both business or leisure flights
  • The number of destinations will be increased, only in Hungary there are approximately 100 civil airfieldsági+repülőterek+listája/33c52c74-b442-401f-9e75-34f670c3554d?version=1.10&type=



Fee sharing and payment system:

A person registered at Flyboy joins an aviator community.

The Flyboy team ensures the honouring of the principles of  shared-cost system.


To do so, the pilot specifies the costs of a one-hour flight considering the following points:

– fuel costs, the costs of landing and parking (if any)

– leasing costs of the aircraft, if the aircraft is leased from its owner

The costs calculated this way will be divided by the number of passengers transported by Flyboy with the aircraft.

Following the flight with Flyboy, the passenger or the pilot confirms the participation in the shared-cost flight. The costs to be charged upon the passengers shall directly be  paid to the pilot having performed the flight (it can be done by advance transfer, but by cash payment on the spot also).


Inspection and authentication of the users

The platform’s keywords are safety and trust.  The Flyboy team reserves the right to store the passenger’s ID (ID card or passport), e-mail address and telephone number on the platform. If the profile is not confirmed, the user may not send flight report or reserve airline.

On the other hand, the pilots shall present their permit and qualification, medical report and the hours flown details (hors flown total, last 3 months and last 12 months) as well.  Finally, to publish an advertisement, the pilot shall comply with the EASA regulations.

Service license types:


User qualification

The user, with his/her registration with the Flyboy platform, joins a community. To improve safety and transparency, a scoring system will be introduced among the users. Following a Flyboy flight, the pilot and the passengers may allot scores between 1 and 5 and leave remarks. This system enables the pilots to choose the passenger to be accepted and the passengers may choose the pilot they trust in.



The operation of the aircrafts is the operator’s responsibility including the maintenance of an insurance deposit. From 1. May 2004, pursuant to the European decree  CE 785/2004, the passengers, the baggage and the third persons on the ground shall compulsorily be insured by an extended insurance.