Pilot’s checklist

In cooperation with EASA, the Flyboy team has created a checklist for pilots as well. This informs the pilot how to behave during a Flyboy flight with passengers. Flyboy asks the pilots to comply with the safety list and logistics. The goal is to provide the best conditions during the flight for both the passengers and the pilot.


1. Following a reservation:

-Please contact the passengers through the phone / chat recognise them – Explain the passenger that the flight might be cancelled for adverse weather conditions or other reasons – Advise the passenger concerning logistics and how to obtain access to the airport, obtain data from the passenger(s) concerning body weight, baggage weight and inform them of the maximum weight limits.


2. On the day preceding the flight:

– Inform the passengers of the weather conditions mentioning that that the flight can even be cancelled.
– Ascertain that the passenger has arrived at the airport on time, i. e. minimum half an hour before schedule.
– Repeat the logistic information and advises.


3. Before boarding the plane:

-Spend time on the passenger, explain the planned route of the flight with a map. – Explain the passenger what he/she can do or can’t do, what is allowed and what is not allowed on board.


4. Inform the passengers on board as follows:

-accessories, fasten seat belt, rules of opening and closing the door -controls (explain the passenger what is not allowed and what must not be touched) -instruct the passenger not to speak when the pilot uses the radio -instruct the passengers of the process to be followed during emergency landing – instruct the passenger what to do in case of stress or sickness and encourage them not to hesitate to warn the pilot (the pilot offers him/her a sickness bag) -inform the passenger how he/she can cooperate to have trouble-free flight (the pilot lists the ways how a passenger can help)