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Cessna 172

Price / passanger : 8000 ft
Available seats : 2 fő

Start date : Optional

Ad validity: 2021.01.03. 18:25

From :Budakeszi fahegy -
To :Hungaroring - Budakeszi

Flight info:30 perces élmény repülés Hungaroring látkép mellett

Maximum package weight : 2 kg
Type : VFR, vizual
Direction : AA

Pilot info

Pilot name : János Makovics dr
Pilot nickname : drJohny

Type and validity of a professional license: PPL 2021.08.31.
Eligibility of Health Aptitude: 2020.09.27.
Past 12 months flying time, flying machine type: 40 óra Cessna 172P